Residents' Corner :

Bungalow B/3/19 is home to the Tuli family which comprises Mr Anil Tuli, Mrs Seema Tuli, son Shivam and daughter Shivya. Mr Tuli has been a national swimmer and has participated in 10 National Games and the Asian Games for the Indian Waterpolo Team.

Mr Anish Biswas lives at bungalow A/2/29 with wife Aparna, daughter Disha and son Dhruv. Mr Biswas is an entrepreneur in the field of IT, management services and education. He is an alumnus of IIT Delhi and ISB Hyderabad.

Mr Aloke Kr Banerjee and Mrs Mohua Banerjee are both into business. The Banerjees live at bungalow A/08/05 with daughter Adrija and son Aritra.

Dr I Zaman and wife Dr Neera Rawat lives in bungalow B/3/04 with his parents Mr Noor Il Zaman and mrs Jahanara Begum. Though his profession keeps him busy, Dr Zaman finds some time to visit the gym at the recreation centre everyday.

Mr John Baxla a professional is the field of human resource lives at bungalow A/08/23 with his homemaker wife Daisy and son Nitin Amos Baxla. Whenever he can find some time for himself he spends it doing some gardening around his bungalow.

Md Kutubuddin Mullick and wife Mrs Rajia Sultana lives with school going daughter Suraiya Mullick in bungalow A/4/12. Suraiya is only six.

Mr Shamim Ahmed and wife Waheeda Bano lives with their children Shaqia, Sidra and Farhan in bungalow A/2/36. Mr Ahmed runs his own business and Mrs Waheeda Bano is a homemaker.

Mr Swarup Dutta lives in bungalow A/90/05 with wife Papri Dutta and daughter Shalini. While Mr Dutta is a civil engineer by profession, wife Papri is a homemaker much of whose time is spent running around daughter Shalini who is has just started going to a play school.

The young businessman Mr Tanumay Paul and his wife Mrs Shipra Paul live in bungalow B/09/17 at Kolkata West. Mr Paul was born on 16th July and Mrs Paul on the 2nd of December.